Nigar Atabeyli - Director

Born July 6, 1977 in Baku. Graduated from Baku State University, Faculty of International Relations in 1992-1998, Law Faculty in 2006-2009. In 1999-2011, she was the co-founder and chairman of the Independent Legal Center Public Union. An Expert on Capacity Building and Entrepreneurship Law since 2006. Project Development and Management, Legal Trainer for NGO and Community Management.

Chairman of the "Azerbaijan Scandinavian Cooperation" Public Union since 2016;
Coordinator of the project "Assistance to cooperation in the field of education and culture between Azerbaijan and Scandinavia countries" in 2006 - 2017;
Coordinator of the Network of Lawyers of the UNHCR Representative Office in Azerbaijan for 2000-2011;
Expert on "Azerbaijan Agricultural Investments Project" (AZKIL) for 2005-2008 - Expert;
Trainer-expert on leadership development, entrepreneurship promotion and entrepreneurship skills among women in 2005-2012;
Capacity Building Coordinator in the CIVIL SOCIETY PROJECT (US Agency for International Development) in 2006-2007;
Head of the Center for Legal Assistance to Young Entrepreneurs Project in 2006-2007;
Expert-trainer on "Principles of Municipal Activity and Their Role in Community Development" in 2006-2012